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Welcome to my website. Now that you’ve found your way here, please take a moment to scroll down and enjoy the beautiful imagery below. You could watch my showreel to see some of my work in action, or maybe have a browse of the photography gallery and see if there’s anything there that takes your fancy? And once you’ve reached the end, please feel free to drop me a message to see if there’s anything I can help you with :)


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People are surrounded by images nearly every second of every day. Advertising is everywhere, and it takes something really special to stand out from the crowd. I can deliver high quality, high impact bespoke photography for every medium (everything from web thumbnails to gigantic wall prints) that will help you pierce the wall of noise, resonate with the viewer, and leave a lasting impression.

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In our media heavy climate, people are consuming content almost everywhere, on everything from smartphones to smart HDTVs, and they are becoming more and more savvy to what looks good, and what does not. I will bring that level of polish to your media (be it your showreel, a short video for your website, or anything else) that lifts it far above the standard YouTube fodder, and gives your viewers something they'll remember.

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Digital Delivery

With the proliferation of streaming and store based VoD services, it's important to deliver the correct files to the correct places. I can help you navigate the murky waters of digital delivery specifications and ensure that your files are of the right type and of the highest quality. I can also provide encrypted, password protected download links to ensure that you can get access to your content whenever and wherever you need it.

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One of my favourite things to do (apart from creating gorgeous imagery) is riding bicycles. Mountain bikes for preference, although getting in a few laps of Richmond Park on the road bike is one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend morning. I love the fact that riding bikes has taken me to some fantastic places, with my best friends beside me. If you want to go for a ride, just let me know!

Photography Portfolio Springtime with Alban Bags 004 Springtime with Alban Bags 003 Springtime with Alban Bags 002 Springtime with Alban Bags 001 Ceiling Decorations Climbs Like Froome Cross Over To The Light Tangled & Webbed Awaiting New Beginnings Follow the Path Swiss Valleys Floating Above It All Andrew Page Live at Metropolis Lazy Habits and the Vaults Quartet Not Abandoned Yet Reflections Sunlight on the Sea Andrew Page Album Art Following Trails Christmas in Bond Street Sunlight Through Clouds Swiss Cottage Daisies Yorkshire Fields Fields on the South Coast Lake District Hills Abandoned Lake District Valley Trees in Sunlight


Ed Schroeder is a video editor and professional photographer. He mostly enjoys really nice bicycles, epic wide landscapes, cutting picture to a really good piece of music, and a pint of amber ale at the end of the day. His work has covered areas as diverse as creating management training videos, editing windsurfing trailers, photographing golf courses, creating cycling media for TfL, and restoring Hammer Horror films for StudioCanal. Please feel free to have a quick browse around his visual world, and get in touch if you have any questions at all.


I currently run Final Cut Pro and Adobe Lightroom but I really believe that it’s the result that counts, not the brand name on the software.


Ed Schroeder
Ed Schroeder
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